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Damaged Or Lost Baggage

If a piece of baggage is mishandled, the Lost & Found office at your arrival airport is in charge of the tracing process. Please report the loss or damage of your baggage immediately after your arrival as no claim can be made after you have left the airport.
We can trace the majority of mishandled baggage within the first 24 hours. In rare cases it may happen that a piece of baggage cannot be found within five days. In this case the responsible Lost & Found office will initiate a second, thorough investigation. Therefore please give us detailed information on the contents of your baggage. When reporting the loss or damage of your baggage, please indicate your permanent address, your temporary address (during a trip), contact telephone, mobile and/or fax numbers.

Opening hours:

  • Sunday to Thursday 8:00 to 20:00
  • Friday and Saturday – closed

The Investigation Process

During the first five days, the staff of your arrival airport is in charge of the investigation. As soon as you have reported the loss, you will get a receipt with the reference and contact number of the Afriqiyah Lost & Found office or our local agent.

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