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Dangerous Goods

Dangerous Goods are articles or substances that may pose health and safety hazards to its passengers or potentially damage the aircraft. They are also referred to as restricted articles, hazardous materials and dangerous cargo. Transportation of such goods is primarily regulated by International Civil Aviation Regulations. Goods falling under the category of Dangerous Goods are not allowed in passenger or crew-checked baggage or cabin baggage, with some exceptions.

Hand baggage: Prohibited objects

  • Weapons* of all kinds, including imitations and toys
  • Knives of all kinds and sizes, irrespective of the length of the blade
  • Razor blades, metal scissors, corkscrews
  • Objects emitting gases or harmful substances
  • Walking sticks with metal tips
  • Explosive and inflammable substances
  • Baseball bats, golf clubs, billiard queues, ski sticks, ice picks and other striking objects
  • Screwdrivers of any kind
  • Knitting needles, bicycle chains
Please remove those objects from your hand baggage and place them in your checked baggage. All dangerous objects will be confiscated by airport security and destroyed. AFRIQIYAH is not liable for the confiscated objects. These regulations also apply to objects purchased at the airport.

Hand baggage and checked-in baggage (further prohibited objects)

  • Briefcases and diplomat’s cases with built-in alarm devices
  • Primary (non-rechargeable) lithium batteries and cells; batteries of mobile phones and notebooks (rechargeable) are exempted
  • Explosives, ammunition, fireworks, signal rockets
  • Inflammable, non-inflammable deep-frozen and toxic propellant gases, lighter fuel, camping gas
  • Irritant gases such as pepper spray, KO spray etc
  • Carbon cartridges for mineral water preparation, butane gas bottles, oxygen bottles, gas cylinders
  • Solid materials that ignite easily, such as matches and other combustible and self-igniting objects and objects that release inflammable gases on contact with water
  • Flammable liquids such as paints, thinners or solvents
  • Oxidising substances such as bleach and peroxide
  • Toxic and infectious substances (viruses and bacteria)
  • Radioactive material
  • Corrosive substances: Acids, mercury, thermometers and barometers containing mercury, alkaline and liquid- cell batteries
  • Magnetic objects and other substances to be classified as dangerous.


Some pharmaceuticals and instruments used for medical purposes, toiletries and alcohol, if taken on board in small amounts and for own use.


Sporting and hunting weapons, Sport pistols, revolvers and hunting guns must be checked in. The following rules must be observed :
  • Weapons must be discharged
  • Weapons must be packed in special transport containers
  • Transport containers for guns can be ordered from AFRIQIYAH


The passenger is responsible for observing customs regulations, import permits or other officially required documents, both when entering and passing through a country. Ammunition and small-calibre sporting weapons: Must be checked in. A maximum of 5 kg of ammunition is allowed per passenger. The airline must be informed in advance about the transport of ammunition. Transport is subject to the following regulations :
  • The ammunition must be packed separately from the weapon
  • The ammunition must be packed in a solid wooden, metal or fibreboard container, ideally its original container.
  • The ammunition in the container must be protected against shocks and movement
  • The ammunition must be packed in such a way that self-ignition is impossible
If you are not sure if a certain object or substance is classified as dangerous and therefore not allowed to check in, please contact Afriqiyah Airways.
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